4 Reasons We Never Skip a Quarterly Planning Meeting

Today is the quarterly planning meeting for The Salesgirls’ team.

If you’re wondering how we are already halfway through the year, literally same. We remembered to schedule this meeting just last week so no shame if this email is a reminder that you, too, need to plan for Q3. 

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Things can move FAST, time gets away, and entrepreneurship is the Wild Wild West more times than it’s not.

Under regular circumstances, we do absolutely everything we can to NOT have meetings around here.

‘Losing’ a day of work for an all day affair (ours is 9a-3p)… Like are we SURE?

Then I remember the one time we didn’t have a quarterly meeting because we were just moving and grooving and I lost more like 2 weeks as I wandered generally, working hard but with no direction.

So the 1 day trade-off is well worth the sacrifice it disguises itself as.

4 Reasons We’ll Never Skip a Quarterly Planning Meeting:

#1. It breaks your bigger visions and goals into manageable chunks.

The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. 

#2. It’s an opportunity for leadership to communicate THEIR priorities.

Hard to believe not everyone is focused on what I’M focused on…? Huge if true.

#3. It’s a moment to celebrate what you’ve accomplished in the past 90 days. 

Often it’s a LOT more than you thought or remembered. 

#4. It’s a time to identify gaps before too much damage is done. 

Imagine not catching a leak in your basement for 9 months… the sooner you can fix what’s not working, the better.

Tomorrow’s Social will have the full breakdown of what team members come with, leave with and how the day runs in-between.

Don’t get any ideas though. This is the only meeting that could not have been an email.

Xo, The Salesgirls 

PS. It’s tradition that we have Starbucks on the morning of a big HQ day. Have one with us until the funds run out:

Don’t forget to tag us on IG @thesalesgirlsofficial to show us where you’re sippin’ from 😙

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