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The Best Advice I've Ever Gotten About Posting on Social Media

Things that are embarrassing for no reason:

  • Closing an umbrella

  • Walking back from your turn in bowling 

  • Opening cards from granny and trying to act like you don’t see the money in there

  • Getting out of the pool

  • Leaving a store without buying anything

  • Posting literally anything on social media

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I don’t know the root of the phenomenon, but what I do know is that it can be really tough to know how to show up. Or if you even want to show up!

And if you’re like what? I blast social media without a care in the world! Close this tab right now and keep doing it. We need more like you.

As for the rest of us, the desire to be well-liked (literally, pls someone besides my mom like this post) and fun and inspiring, but not bratty, and how is everyone else affording 3 weeks in Europe?!!

ALLLL while staying true to yourself… It’s hard out here in these perfectly aesthetic (but still NO FILTER!!!) streets.

You already know how we feel the word authentic… but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to use social media to document your life in a way that feels real to you and your audience. 

It’s tempting to feel like, “If I post the good stuff, then I need to post selfies in the literal doctor’s office too, right? To show I’m not fake? I promise I have hardships!!!”

Married At First Sight Reaction GIF by Lifetime

It feels this serious, but I promise you it’s not.

I don’t have all the answers, but I did hear a piece of advice once that changed the way I think about what it means to be authentic social media. 

You don’t have to share every thing that is true. But every thing that you share has to be true. 

That’s it. 

When it comes to social media, you don’t owe anyone anything except what you want to show them, so long as that thing is true.

I can’t help with getting out of the pool. That’s between you and God. 

Xo, The Salesgirls

PS. While we’re here, you have no control or time to worry over the narratives and stories that people create for themselves based on very limited information they see on socials. Do your thang.

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