How We DON'T Plan on Using AI as Women in Business

and a few ways that we definitely do

Last week, I submitted The Summer I Turned Pretty’s Pivot to Medium, an online publishing platform that promotes social journalism

I figured it would be another place to write and test ideas and get feedback from other writers once I got several pieces published and established a presence on the site.

Could take awhile, I thought. And that’s the very reason I should get started now. 

So I posted it on Friday, June 21st. 

The next day I got a notification from Medium. 

A comment on my first post?!!!

Wow, favor ain’t fair. This is gonna take a lot less time than I thought. What is it like to lose? I guess I’ll never know. 

Don’t worry, you don’t have to humble me. It was coming. It’s always coming.

Embarrassed The Office GIF by Justin

The comment was from an account called Contentify Marketing AI. LEGIT!!!

Here’s what it said:

5 days later, I haven’t stopped laughing. 

“The struggle of resisting the temptation to buy the BONRAD tee” sent me into orbit. 

Canadian Lol GIF

This is like being asked to write an essay on a book you didn’t read in high school. We really thought we were slick. 

Despite it still being the only comment that the post has and it being total hogwash, I actually love it.

THIS is who is going to replace us, fam? I don’t think so. 

AI can do a lot. Like a lot, a lot. But I’ve yet to see artificial intelligence understand the nuances of life, relay authentic feelings, or express true creativity. 

The absolute final straw is that it can’t giggle over the BONRAD tee…??? Like can’t the girls just laugh together for a second? Can we have this one thing?

Only you and I can do those things for, and with, one another. 

Human connection and understanding has never been more important than it is now.

Things we love to utilize AI tools for: titles, ad hooks, video editing, sending links through ManyChat, transcribing videos, understanding concepts better (ie. “explain sales funnels to me like I’m 5 years old”)

Things we aren’t letting AI’s dusty paws near: newsletters, blogs, sales calls, conversations, storytelling, teaching, scripts

Now I know someone smarter than me is going to reply to this with evidence that will totally debunk my opinions, and still, I’m standing by them.

I’ll never say never. But connecting with people will always be worth the extra time it takes you to create.

YOU have always been the secret sauce. YOU are the niche. YOU are the essence. People are excited to hear from YOU.

*~Reminiscing about a pivotal summer….~*

Xo, The Salesgirls

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