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How Printify Got Me To Read the Most Boring Email in My Inbox

My favorite way to read most emails is to not.

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There are a few that I love to see come through, but Printify isn’t typically one of them. 

Yesterday at 8:27am, though, they had my attention. 

[Action required] is the Simone Biles of subject lines if you’re trying to bring attention to your email.

Just be sure you use it sparingly or you’ll start giving your list trust issues. 

The subject line saved it from the instant delete, sure. But that’s not what made me read it.

Now that the email was opened… I had to see what all the fuss was about. Is the Printify account that I didn’t know I had in danger?

It was even worse than I thought.

RIP Awkward Styles products from the Printify catalogue. 🙏🏼

Sad Jimmy Fallon GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

I would love to have your thoughts and prayers though this difficult time except that I quite literally don’t know what Awkward Styles products are.

There’s 1 single line in this email that caught my eye, kept me reading and made me care for a split second. I’m calling it the money line because it can make you lots of it.


It’s like the Pavlov bell went off in my selfish little pea brain. 

My brain isn’t selfish in a way that is special or unique to me. It’s selfish in the way that yours and all 28362 brains on your email list are too.

Those 6 words, what does that mean for you, can take any logistical mumbo jumbo and make it must-read material. 

Selling ‘what’s in it for someone else’ doesn’t have to be difficult and cryptic and like solving a bad crossword puzzle. 

You can simply say, or in this case type, here’s what this means for you… and then tell them what it means for them.

We are anti-sales script, but you could use this phrase verbatim and be closer to the close than you even realize.

At the very least, a serial deleter might read your email and in this economy we’ll take every win we can get.

Xo, The Salesgirls

PS. Serial deleters need us now more than ever… click here and tell us the best email list you’re on.

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