31 Day Connection Challenge

for the girlies who are looking for momentum going into the second half of the year

New week? New month?? Halfway through the year??? 

Today is the Super Bowl for the “I’ll start Monday” crowd. 

July 1st is the perfect day to start something. Anything!

(Except maybe that diet because no hot dog is safe come Thursday. 🇺🇸)

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to…

Intentionally connect with one person, every day for the month of July. 

Shouldn’t this be like a writing challenge? In a newsletter? Or a selling challenge? By SALESgirl Social? We do have one of those, but here’s the thing…

Connection is what fuels everything that we do.

Connection fuels content creation. The days it feels like there’s nothing to write about are the days I don’t talk to anyone.

Connection helps you know what people need to hear right now. As entrepreneurs, we have to guess about a lot of things - your messaging doesn’t have to be one of them.

Connection helps you move people through the buying process. Sales is a process, not an event. Connection is how you can keep it moving.

Connection fuels your enthusiasm. Without this piece, you might as well not bother with the others. Even the best curated content, messaging and sales strategies can’t recover from a lack of true enthusiasm.

You can connect with a current client, a past client, a prospect, a friend, or someone on your team.

If you’re anything like me, your personal relationships tend to collect more connection dust than your business ones. I’m not proud of the 7-10 day text message response time, but I can’t deny it either. 

Fred Armisen Reaction GIF by IFC

If any of my friends are reading this, I love you.

Here are 5 examples of ways to connect daily to get your wheels turning: 

  • “Hey Katie! I was thinking about you. Last time we talked you were working on your first webinar! How did that go?”

  • “Hey Julie, last time we chatted your husband was deployed and it was not a good time to enroll in the program to start your weight loss. I wanted to check in with you - how are you? Are you able to get into that morning routine I recommended? I’m excited to hear from you!”

  • “Hey Lynn! I know you purchased the products about 3 months ago and I wanted to check in - how are you liking your results?”

  • “Hey Annie, you’ve been working so hard on the project I gave you and you’re doing such a great job. The reason I say that is the team is working beautifully with your leadership. How is the workload feeling?”

  • “Jill! This meme made me think of you! How are the kids?! How are YOU?”

The rules: No expectations. No agenda. Genuine curiosity. Pulling for the other person, always. 

31 days, sending us into the second half of the year with downhill momentum, growing enthusiasm and increasing connection. 

You in?

Xo, The Salesgirls 

Ps. Speaking of Tayvis, anything less than this energy and you can keep it. 

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